Good Ground Center


The Ecological Culture Initiative is working to create a multi-acre, permaculture education center and organic food forest located in the Southampton Town Hamlet most suited to the development of ecological tourism. The center’s mission will be to serve as a model for an alternative to the destructive land use practices and growth-based development damaging the health of our aquifer, soil, and waterways.

By demonstrating how to grow food on site, organically, using methods of ecological design supported by a network of local non-profits, we will create a sense of place, based in the historical culture that denotes Hampton Bays as an environment worth visiting. The techniques of regenerative design, resource conservation, and waste reduction will form the central ethos of the community of Good Ground Center.

Participants will be immersed in an energy-conscious, off-the- grid, hands-on experience. The focus is on healthy food systems, structures built from local materials, water collected from rainfall, and energy collected from the sun.  We will grow edible plants sourced from the local indigenous culture, teach the science of medicinal botany and study ecology-based solutions to challenges that face future generations.

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