ECI Teaching Gardens

The ECI Teaching Gardens provide community members with a hands-on, adult beginner organic gardening opportunity. Members learn how to plant, cultivate, harvest, and preserve produce from shared garden space in a cooperative learning environment.  The program follows the growing season from March through November. Instruction and volunteer opportunities take place at our Heritage Gardens at St. Joseph's Villa. The goal of the ECI Teaching Gardens program is to empower community members with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to produce their own homegrown organic vegetables. For more information, please contact


Heritage Gardens at St. Joseph's Villa

The Ecological Culture Initiative (ECI) is creating a heritage garden at St. Joseph’s Villa in Hampton Bays.  We plan to cultivate not only a community of plants, but also people, through providing an opportunity to learn traditional organic gardening as well as ecosystem gardening techniques, habitat restoration, localized food production, composting, rain harvesting & much more! Volunteers are welcome for planting, watering, and weeding.


Our Fall 2018 Harvest of locally grown organic potatoes, onions, and garlic was gladly donated to the St. Rosalie’s Food Pantry in Hampton Bays. Read more in our latest Reflection.

Gordon's Backyard Permaculture Project

A half acre edible forest garden on a residential property. Densely cultivated along a natural sloping grade, the landscape included nut trees, maple tapping, fruit orchard, berry bushes, native and ornamental pollinator gardens, as well as an incredible variety of vegetables in season.

Sweet Woodland Farm & Garden

A backyard homestead on a half acre pine barrens property. This garden features animal husbandry, including sheep, rabbits, chickens, guniea fowl, and Billie the Turkey, as well as heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruit, medicinal herbs, and native plantings.

Canceled → The Saturday Sep 8th Permablast, and all future Permablasts, have been canceled due to lack of volunteers. If you or someone you know would like to revive them, please contact or 631-335-9137 (call or text) 🌱 

The 2nd Saturday of each month we would host a Permablast at one of our ECI Teaching Gardens, with the hope of cultivating a community of organic plants, as well as people, and to learn basic principles of permaculture, including organic gardening, composting, hugelkultur, & sustainable irrigation. Please contact ECI if you would like to bring Permablasts back in 2019. Thanks to all who came out! 🌱